Did my nails :-)

I just stalked your insta. Omg your nail skills are out of this world, so perf. Do you wear fake ones? Where do you get them?!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!! No they’re my real nails! So you thinking they’re fake is a compliment bc I hate my nails omg!! Hehe thank you compliments on my nails make me happy!!

Just weight myself holy shit I want to die oh my fucking god

Panorama shot from my balcony!!! Sorry last one but it was so pretty and I needed to memorialise how I felt in that moment :-)
What a view to have from my backyard
Look at the fucking sky tonight god damn it is beautiful

Today was okay :) i was really anxious but kinda in a good way? Some times it was overwhelming but yeah. They understand that. And they’re really good because if I distract myself with drawing or playing with something in my hands then I can talk easier and feel less anxious because I pretend I’m talking to myself and most people in DBT (according to my psych team) feel the same and so I just scribbled all day but it didn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention and everyone in this group is lovely and they bring colouring pencils and drawings to colour in and share with everyone and when they’re not staring at me as I talk I don’t feel quite so intimidated and one of the girls who was in orientation with me last week remembered how anxious I was then and said she was proud that I was less anxious today when we checked in and did SUDS and it made me really happy and I feel very validated and I feel like this is a really good thing that I’ve started :)

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Alex Gaidouk

Eyes (?)

Hahhaa a boy on the train just took a selfie but he forgot to put his phone on silent and it made a loud camera noise and he looks so embarrassed omg I jst wanna hug him

Afternoon tea break :-)
you can do it girl!! you are strong and fierce and totally capable of surviving any storm that comes your way.

I needed this confidence boost!!! Thank you :-)